image5 (1)I am a girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRCongo, eloko ya makasi! #team243). I consider myself blessed (and extremely thankful to God for everything). My parents sacrificed a lot to get us into some of the best schools in Kinshasa and later universities even when finances were very tight. I studied in South Africa and have learnt so much since my days in Kinshasa, my outlook of the world has changed and I KNOW there MUST at least 100s of others like me who wished someone, somehow shared some tips, information and inspiration with them through this big scary journey called life as a foreign student. This is especially true for young Africans who leave the comfort of their traditional family home to go study abroad-If you have been abroad…you will understand what I mean: the struggle is REAL!

I studied chemical engineering, consider myself a lover of all things beautiful & a foodie by everything else. My dream for African Students Abroad (ASA) is to become THE No. 1 platform of exchange for African students in the diaspora to make your journey smoother and also equip you with knowledge to get that degree/paper,make great friendships in the process, develop yourself and contribute to making our beloved Africa a kick-ass place to live in ;-)!


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