ASA’s two cents on #Charlottesville

Hi Everyone

I hope your day was better than mine. My timeline was filled with updates about what is happening in the US & I spent a good part of my day writing, deleting and rewriting on my personal social media about #Charlottesville. I decided to come out of my “blog-coma” and share with you my thoughts.

The beautiful/sad thing about being from the DRCongo is that you really have seen it all:

A displaced village
A displaced village -courtesy of Worldbulletin

nothing can shock you (women raped, kids dying because they are malnourished, people choosing to stay sick at home and “pray the disease out” because there is no money for hospital, premature babies dying because of a power cut, families eating 3 times a week because there just isn’t enough food, my own brother held at gun point over night during a shootout between 2 political camps, and let’s not even talk about politics, war, the list goes on)…We (Congolese) are a broken nation riding on fickle hope for a better future, yet here we are…despite being scattered around the world, we stand together, we smile, we dance and the slightest positive thing sends us into euphoria…The one thing we know despite our horrible history and present is that we remain one and it shall be so.

Charlottesville protest-courtesy of CNN

If the Congolese can survive the atrocities in our country, I also strongly believe that #Charlottesville cannot and will not break a nation built on the hard labour of migrants regardless of what a small group of people have to say about how to #maga. Love will win!

Wishing you all a great week 🙂 ❤

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