Learning to live alone 101

Hi ASA fam

Apologies for the silence on my part… SO much has happened in these last months! Not even sure where to start… for starters I moved cities for work reasons and for the first time EVER in my life, I get to live on my own in my early 30s… (O_o), yikes! Today’s post is all about documenting that transition in my life. The ASA regulars will know I previously lived with my brothers & even wrote about it (here). Although some may think me living with brothers for so long was lame, I know that others might relate to this especially as an African student abroad with siblings. Living together just makes sense because sharing makes rent (& living costs) cheaper, gives parents peace of mind in terms of safety (esp. for a girl) as well as the fact that staying with family (most of the time) does give one a bit of moral support and a nest to fall back on.

After staying with a generous friend for over 6 weeks, I finally managed to find a place I can call my own and have been living here for almost a month. My biggest fear was loneliness and not knowing what to do with myself, on the contrary-I am excited about the experience thus far. Below are some of the things I am genuinely enjoying:

My own bed

This was true while sharing, and remains true even in my own space. My bed has become such a great source of inspiration…lol! I plan, write, pray, think, etc all under the comfort of my blanket…lol!


My own space

At the moment, outside of my bed…my own space is reduced to the couch I got from the Coricraft clearance store at a bargain. It’s my favourite place to have both my breakfast and dinner (and off course that warm cup of tea/coffee).


Meal planning

If you read my post of surviving living with flatmates, you would know that one of my biggest challenge of living with boys was around food: boys just eat, and eat and eat (O_o). So regardless of how much cooking and/or food planning we did, we would always run outta food (esp. the good stuff first). I am enjoying the fact that what I leave in the fridge is not going anywhere, and linked to that the ability to do meal prep.


The Sunshine in my mini-garden

The new place has a bit of a garden and although I barely get to spend much time in it, the little I have has been refreshing

20170401_105636_resized (1)

Furnishing and decorating

I decided after a negative bank balance that I needed to pace myself and take things one step at a time otherwise I would ruin myself financially…lol!  Because I am still chasing the basics (e.g. a washing machine), my only decoration are these Masai blankets I purchased at the Masai Market in Nairobi (Kenya) as they bring much-needed colour to my place.20170403_200019_resized

I hope you enjoyed this post. I plan to do a post in a few months once the place is a bit more furnished, inspired by two bloggers I admire Laura Lacquer and AlaWaiki (from my fav Congolese blogger).

Stay well & catch you at my next post


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