Attractive careers for African students

Hi ASA fam

Apologies for going MIA & hope you had an awesome week-end! Truth is, things have changed recently: I moved cities and am Opportunitystill adjusting to the new environment…  Today’s post is about career options in the creatives which does not always seem sensical to African parents (#Africanparentsproblems). Deciding what to study is a challenging process in an African home especially because the only welcomed choices often are: doctor/medical field, engineer (not even sciences, it’s too broad…lol!), lawyer and finance/economics. While it comes from a good place (parents assume these courses will lead to a good job and stable income), the job market dynamics are completely different nowadays and one can make a great living in the creatives. Whether you decide to pursue this full-time/part-time, there is no lack of examples of Africans who have excelled in the creatives. I decided to write about this based on people whose work I admire…hopefully, this helps you if currently exploring your career/study options to follow your passion.

Fashion designer

Anyone interested in the fashion industry will know that African fashion is Jewel by LisaDEFINITELY on the global radar, and the last 10 years have seen a surge of very successful designers from the continent (from self-taught designers to those who studied fashion design). All are not only making a very good living but also a positive impact in their communities since most designers have their workshop in their home countries if not based there. Some of my favourites are:

  • Aisha Ayensu, Ghanain psychologistist turned designer of the exquisite brand Christie BrownAndrea Iyamah
  • Jewel by Lisa, lawyer turned designer who has graced many international runways
  • Mina Evans, studied fashion design in South Africa at the Design School  of Southern Africa and went back to Ghana to set up her brand
  • Andrea Iyamah, of Ghanaian origin living in Canada. You have been living under a tree if you do not know these designer…her incredible swimsuits have many celebrities rocking her pieces
  • David Tlale, South African accountant turned designer-what a powerhouse!


  • PhotographyRemi Adetiba. A powerhouse who moved away from a career in advertising, to being a photographer. He is also Africa’s version of “Nigel” for Africa’s Next Top Model.
  • Tariro Washe, a friend of mine who studied Sport management and later photography now based in Zimbabwe

Blogger/Youtuber/social media influencer

This is probably one of the newest careers on the map but MANY people have found their Cynthia Gwebufortune through Youtube. I almost want to bet you will never convince an African parent not to go to school to do Youtube full time, but you can do it part-time and see how it evolves. My favorites Youtubers are:

  • Cynthia Gwebu, a South African beauty Youtuber-her tutorial and channel are simply flawless
  • Sharon Mundia, Kenya’s sweetheart in the beauty space who runs both the blog and Youtube channel called This is Ess
  • Overcoming the odds, Dr Antonio Webb is a US based doctor who documents his journey through medecine to encourage others
  • Shirley B. Eniang, UK based mathematician turned beauty and lifestyle guru….Shirley has won the hearts of many and is making a comfortable living from her creative side
  • Patricia Bright, used to be called Brit Pop Princess for a reason and recently reached the 1 millions suscribers mark-seen as a huge achievement esp. as a woman of colour. I absolutely love her easy going attitude and how relatable she is.
  • Fight Mediocrity, I use this to get summaries of books I like and also kick my ass into gear on a lazy day

Graphic designer/Fashion Illustrator

  • Peniel Enchill, a Ghanain living in the UK who graduated with first class honour with 15625548_1800703076862262_8718030011623276544_na degree in Economics and Business Management, and later decided to pursue her passion as a fashion illustrator. Her drawings have “broken” the internet more than once.

Fashion Model

  • Philomene kwaoAamito Lagun, the first winner of Africa’s next top model cruising the US runaways currently
  • Adera Hinson: Ugandan , Currently studying and modelling thanks to a deal she made with her parents. Read more about her story (here)
  • Philomena Kwao, Ghanaian living in the UK the winner of British’s top model plus size edition with a masters degree. She also has her own blog called The Philes.

I hope you enjoyed this article and would love to hear from you whether you are in the creatives and/or considering starting your own side project.

Until the next time 😉



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