Studying abroad: top destinations of African students

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Happy New Month, happy December! I am always so excited to see December arrive as it is my birthday month: yay (will be welcoming gifts all month long…Thank you very much in advance…lol!). As we come to the end of the year in some parts of the world, many people are anxiously waiting (while our lovely African parents would probably be fasting and praying) for acceptance letters from various universities. I came across this article around mobility of African students (here) a while back and thought I would save it for a later post.

According to the article, there were ~380,000 African students in 2013 on the move who chose to go to the following top destinations i.e. France, South Africa, USA, Germany and Malaysia. The rest of this article discusses a bit more about each destination and why they are attractive.



Not really surprising based on the large population in Francophone Africa (I bet a third to probably half of these students would be from the DR Congo)

South Africa

South Africa is great because in the words of a friend of mine it offers “the best of both worlds” i.e. still in Africa, with world class infrastructure and universities that have internationally recognised degrees. Although this may change post all the unrest experienced these last 2 years with #feesmustfall, the truth is the admin/financial implications of studying in South Africa tend to be simpler compared to say Europe, the UK and/or the US.


A dream of mine (ah, dear future MBA-take note!). I have a few friends who studied in the US but coming from Congo, the US was probably the most difficult visa to secure a decade ago (you could literally wait for more than 5 years). I understand this is easier now and more accessible.


Deutschland-you might want to explore this one and do not be discouraged by the language. A friend of mine currently in Germany was telling me that you would end up paying as much as you do in Cape Town (except, your degree will have more value)


There has been a number of signed cooperation agreements between various African countries and Morocco. I know many people who studied there, do check out whether your country qualifies for the scholarship offerings

Other destinations not on the list increasingly within Africa are Tunisia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi as they have very good institutions with increasing ratings globally. Outside of the continent, other attractive destinations are Malaysia, India, Brazil and Canada.

I know that the key criteria when looking at a host country for studies for African students tend to be: (i) visa requirements, (ii) finances  be it scholarship/student jobs opportunities and/or costs implications for parents and (iii) job opportunities  to stay and/or work in the country after studying and (iv) whether you (more like your parents) know anyone there (true story, lol!).

Thinking of studying abroad? Why don’t you check out the entry requirements and various degrees offered in the above countries? I am planning to do separate posts later on entry requirements, and various opportunities for each of the top four-stay tuned :).

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