ASA’s favorite quote: THE African Dream…

Hey y’all


Hope this finds you well and you have all had an awesome start of the week. This is the very first post of series to come in the future called “ASA’s favorites” (do watch out for some restructuring coming up 😀 ). Not sure about you, but a couple of stressful deadlines, combined with a few health problems have left me feeling pretty drained and uninspired lately. On my quest to finding inspiration and reviving the fire within to keep going (as it is not Christmas just yet sadly), I came across Swaady Martin-Leke’s interview with BBC, and let’s just say  I got my mojo back. She speaks about her entrepreneurial journey and love for Africa: and I simply could not stop myself from sharing her words. Here they are:

“I may be biased but Africa remains the most exciting place to live in…people are so alive!… You are also constantly faced with daily challenges that remind you of your responsibilities as a human being. And so for me that forms the African dream i.e. being part of the solution… You do not need to build a big company, every single thing you do can be meaningful…from that little help to the person next to you…to maybe simply telling the African story” Adapted from her interview with BBC.

These words are now stuck in my head, and I could not have put it better myself… Indeed, as a continent I really feel that our dream should be to contribute and be part of the solution we face on a daily basis (whether a millionaire or not, whether recognised or not…regardless of gender, race, religion, etc. ). Who else could do it but ourselves?

I hope you enjoyed this mid-week Afrispiration (yep, just created this!). You can find the full interview here ( ), as well as a couple of well-written articles on Swaady (,


Stay well, and looking forward to catching up….in my next post <3!







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