A tribute to fathers on this special day

Hi Everyone

My #instagram timeline (TL) today has been flooded with all sorts of cute pictures and messages of people celebrating their fathers. I thought I should do the same and decided to resist the urge of posting on my personal IG and/or facebook account but rather write a blog post about it (loads more fun anyways, lol!).

Fathers day
Father-daughter moment. Compliments of the talented Peniel Enchill (check her out: http://www.penielenchill.com)

Although there is still much that needs to be done when it comes to #genderequality or parity; I often feel that the pro-women narrative is sometimes guilty of not giving enough recognition to the crucial impact good male role models (e.g. fathers, colleagues, brothers, husbands) can have in shaping a better society altogether. Today’s post is therefore entirely about celebrating the #menandfathers today reflecting on my own relationship with my dad, through 5 key messages:

1. Thank you

For being there for us as a moral compass, praying for us, guiding us in our life choices, and being a true friend e.g. you know the names of each of my friends even if we live thousands of Kms apart. Also for believing in me, when I believed the least in my abilities and….off course for pushing me to work hard and pursue my dreams.

2. Sorry

For the times I have taken you for granted, argued relentlessly and chosen paths that would lead me astray against your better advice. In short, for not nearly showing you enough how much I love you and grateful I am for having you in our lives.

3. We love you

SO very much! The more time passes by, the more I realise how blessed we are for having a father that prioritised the well being of his family over anything else. Though it was not easy, we love you for staying the course even when you least felt like it.

4. You rock our world

I remember as a young girl that you always (ALWAYS) had my back: If all seemed to fail, I could always run back to you and re-start from the self-confidence boost of having my father believe in me. What the rest of the world thinks about you (whether good or bad) really does not matter and/or change the fact that you remain the king of our world

5. We do see

Although most of your efforts go unnoticed, growing up makes me realise just how much you sacrificed for us. Many of your own dreams were pushed back so that we could get better chances at life-I cannot give you back the years, nor any amount of money for it could never pay you back or amount to anything remotely significant. All I have is a heart full of gratitude for who you are, and countless prayers that God continues to bless and protects you, gives you the strength to continue being the great father you have been and many more years of love, family, success, heath and happiness.

Wishing all the fathers a blessed and happy fathers’ day. We love and appreciate you! Special thought/moment for those fathers who have left us and are no longer… may your families be comforted and strengthened despite the pain.

I hope you enjoyed this post, would love to hear more about your most memorable moment with your dad, and what made it special .


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