Current African Music Favs…

Hello readers,

I am not sure about you but music is a big part of my life! I work with music, shower with music, get ready with music, drive with music, even used to sing in a choir… you get my point :D. I am convinced that I am going through an “obsessed with Nigerian music” phase…..and it seems it is here to stay as it seems to be the perfect mix between “modernism” while keeping true to our African heritage. It also just gives me a sense of tapping into and celebrating my “Africanness”…(if there is such a thing…lol!). This is what happens when I discover a song I like: love it, fall in love it with it, be obsessed with it (i.e. listen to it like 20-30 times a day), get over it… and then repeat the cycle with a new one….lol!

Current African Music Favs- Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

I am currently obsessed with three songs, each of which are from popular artists on the continent. These are: Yemi Alade -my number uno, Korodello and Sarkodie ft Castro. Besides the fact that the melodies are to die for, these songs are all some form of thanksgiving and testimony of their faith in God. In this celebrity age, many people do not feel comfortable displaying their faith in public-so special shout out to these stars!

Na Gode, Yemi Alade

The famous “Johny” singer did not disappoint this time. The song is in both English ft. Selebobo (more like Pigin) and also Swahili (truly unifying Africa). I really like that the songs is deeply rooted in Africa through the images and also costumes selected. Key message : give thanks regardless, whether you are in abundance or not.


See the Swahili version below

Godwin, Korede Bello ( ft Don Jazzy, well sort of…)

The melody is enchanting and will make you move almost immediately. The key message (in my limited understanding of Pigin) is that “God wins” in all situation of your life.

Adonai, Sarkodie ft Castro

I must confess I did not know these musicians existed before. I discovered this song while trying to put “Godwin” on replay, and guess I was too slow on Youtube. It came online, and I loved it! If you are a hip-hop/rap, this one is for you….Key message is “do not lose hope, baba God is here” (based on my limited understanding of words…..not sure about you guys, but this Pigin needs to be controlled! Nigerian artists, the world loves you….give some love back and lyrics we understand…lol!).

Do check these out, and let me know whether you enjoyed them and like me got addicted for a while :D. Would love to hear what else is on your playlist and keeping you company at those odd hours of the day when you need to work.


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