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Happy & blessed 2018 everyone! I hope you had a wonderful festive season and used it to catch up with family and/or loved ones (whether you could travel back home or not. I know the struggle can be extra real for students abroad). I thought a reflection on 2017 would be appropriate as the very first post of the year. Find out what I wrote about 2014 (here) and 2016 (here).

new years eve 2017

My faith: Cornerstone of my strength

This remains something that needs LOADS of work on my side…but I can safely say that my faith in God took me through our most difficult times last year as a family (multiple sicknesses & deaths, feuds, accidents, heartbreak to name a few, etc).

Appreciate & value my loved ones

Also, work in progress as I am not great at making times for loved ones.Β  Moving cities helped me re-connect with a few friends from home as well as many of my cousins. I went through some drama towards the end of the year, and I was a mess emotionally-my loved ones took over & saved the day. I remain SO grateful for my friends and family & promise myself to do better at letting them know so as life is indeed short (#YOLO).

Make that jump & take a leap of faith

After various (very anxious) talks with aΒ few close friends (sending mad love toΒ y’allΒ as you know who you are), I moved cities and started a new job in 2017. The move remains a journey of personal growth for me with its ups and down, but one I do not necessarily regret making.

To go fast go alone, but to go far go together

Not sure about the rest of you, but I prefer going far over going fast :). Probably the most important lesson of last year from work.

Invest in yourself

I am that weird & extra friend with access to all sorts of self-help books, podcasts, articles around…lol! Having a routine that involved feeding my soul kept me sane, positive & motivated when I felt down. I intend to keep doing so :).

Goals: a long & windy road, commit to starting and starting all over again

The blog is not where I would like it to be….but I am to blame here mostly. I would like to express my gratitude to you ASA fam for not giving up on me despite my inconsistency: you guys rock! I got loads in store for 2018 and am excited about this journey with you.

Thank you for support

Based on the stats, you guys are mainly based in South Africa (<3), Nigeria, India, USA, Canada, France, China, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. Here’s to growing us even more in 2018 πŸ™‚


#Fitfam aspirations: consistency is key!

I have been overweight all my life with LOADS of fad/quick diets in between (and even became slightly anorexic in my teens at some point). I decided to commit to fitness for the rest of my life (to the best of my ability and) rather than just because of a weightloss goal. The gym was just working too well for me, so I cancelled my membership. Adventure Bootcamps has been great help to keep me motivated as it is a group of women with a number of outdoors classes. You can also read more about completing my very first goal for 2017 (*insert happy dance) i.e. running my first 21km, here.

Living alone: it is pretty awesome!

Read more about the previous post I wrote on this (here)

The D word: the struggle remains real…lol!

I ditched the men bashing a while back (as I am far from perfect myself) and watched out for it in 2017 more closely: Despite all the bad people and things around us, good men still exist, period! I remain a hopeless romantic (but an impatient one as well…). Still loads to learn :). Read more about what I learnt in my students years (here).

After watching Patricia Bright‘s reflection on 2017 (here), I decided to add these two [thank you Patricia :)!]

Mental health matters

This is a hard one: We lost someone in my close circle (may their soul RIP and family be comforted). It was a hard & heartbreaking wake-up call for me as not enough attention is given to this in the African community. Let’s be our brothers/sisters’ keepersΒ & where required, support seeking professional help.

Walking away is okay

I let go of a few people throughout the year for various reasons. The one I remember most is when I decided to officially “break up” with a girlfriend after some hard thinking. We had lived apart for many years after varsity but remained in touch. I realised we grew apart: were in completely different spaces mentally, had a different outlook on life and our conversations were often very negative. I had to take action and wished her well which was unheard of for me (those closest to me know why). In Patricia’s own words, “Delete. Block” when it comes to negativity.

Wishing you all a fantabulous 2018, may all that you wish to achieve, your hopes/dreams come true and more.




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