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I hope this finds you well, it’s been a minute. One of the most attractive perks of being a blogger according to me is being part of a community: be it writers globally, in Africa and/or Congo more specifically. In today’s post, I thought I would share Congolese bloggers who have caught my eye in various ways.


The first one is Tania, a tech entrepreneur based in Johannesburg (South Africa), mother and wife. She is the co-founder of Maxicash (a money transfer app targeting the remittance from the Congolese diaspora, I wrote about it here). Besides her jovial personality, her blog shares her love for travel and tips especially for those holding a Congolese passport.


Nissy is a Congolese blogger/presenter/Youtuber based in the UK and a graduate of Cambridge University. She started her Youtube channel as a student and shared much of her experience and challenges as a minority student. I may be wrong but believe the above was the motivation for starting her online magazine BEBBOnline which discusses issues relevant to minority students.


I cannot remember how I found Waiki online, but I really LOVE her! She runs both a lifestyle blog and Youtube channel called AlaWaiki. It’s effortless and beautifully structured,  and anything she shares from restaurants reviews, recipes, home decors is very relatable. She is a mother of three and has recently launched her business-an online store for baby clothes (CeriseIndigo). I have personally used a few of her home decor ideas & like to think of her as my online friend :).

Let’s Cook with Elle

Confession time: while I can make good food (so I am told by a few generous friends…lol!), making Congolese food is not my strength based on a number of factors (help at home, boarding school, generous aunts & parents that valued education as a core family value,etc). Based on a few people I have spoken to, I am definitely not alone…If like me, you aspire to change that: No need to panic, Youtube has solved that for ALL of us.  Princesse is a Congolese food blogger and Youtuber based in the UK, her lovely personality makes it impossible not to enjoy her tutorials. Her videos are also short & to the point. Very easy to follow regardless of what you plan to make be it pondu (cassava leaves), ndunda (spinach), makayabu (salted fish), fumbwa, oxtail, ntaba (goat meat),etc.

Young Professional Congolese (YPC)

This is more an association than a blog, started a few years ago by Gradi Tomene and Michael Otadende. YPC is the first UK based platform for young Congolese professionals which aims to build a visible and active network; leveraging the knowledge, skills and experiences of young Congolese professionals across the country.

Coungolese and Fabulous (YCFNOW)

This is an Instagram page & helps me stay connected with the other young Congolese across the world on a mission to do their best wherever/whatever they are doing. I had the pleasure of engaging with one of the funders, and here’s why they started the blog. “It was created in 2011at the peak of DRC elections; a pivotal period within The DR Congo‘s history. During this time, there was a lot of tension amongst Congolese people on various social media platforms both in DRC and within its Diaspora – a safe haven had to be created to rear off all of the negativity. We needed and felt our fellow Congolesepeers needed it. So Young Congolese and Fabulous was born“. I could have never put everything I feel/felt as a young Congolese in better words.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Is there any other Congolese blogger who has caught your eye? If yes, do share with me.

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