image5 (1)A girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRCongo, eloko ya makasi! #team243). I consider myself blessed (and am extremely thankful to God for everything). My parents sacrificed A LOT to get us into some of the best schools in Kinshasa and later universities. I studied in South Africa and have learnt so much since my teens in Kinshasa! I studied engineering, and am a lover of all things beautiful & a foodie by everything else. Looking back at my first years in South Africa, there are loads of mistakes I made (and could have avoided as a foreign student) and decided to create African Students Abroad (ASA) to ensure this does not repeat itself. I KNOW there MUST at least 100s of others like me who wished someone, somehow shared some tips, information and inspiration with them as life does get tough. This is especially true for young Africans who leave the comfort of their traditional family home to go study abroad.

My goal for ASA) is to become THE No. 1 platform of exchange for African students in the diaspora to make your journey smoother and also equip you with knowledge to get that degree/paper,make great friendships in the process, develop yourself and contribute to making our beloved Africa a kick-ass place to live in ๐Ÿ™‚ !

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